MemoGene™ Technology

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MemoGene™ is a unique patented technology for precise plant genomic modifications toward new and better traits in crops. The technology is applicable to all plants.

Today's traditional breeding techniques (plant cross breeding, mutagenesis and genetic engineering) are limited by the fact that they are labor-intensive, expensive, time-consuming and highly unpredictable. MemoGene™ breeding technology bypasses these biotechnological barriers.

Figure 1: Current methods' limitations
MemoGene™ is a groundbreaking process for targeted and site-specific plant genetic modification, using highly innovative novel tools for genomic modification based on the delivery of endonucleases to specific compartments in the plant cell by uniquely designed viral vectors. 

The MemoGene™ plant genome modification platform provides a robust solution to the recognized need for a generic tool that will enable the deliberate design of superior characteristics in commercial plants, in order to meet rapidly shifting trends in the areas of Agriculture (field crops, vegetable seeds, horticulture and woody crops), Biofuels, Phytomedicines and other plant breeder markets for plant-derived materials and compounds. 

Figure 2:  MemoGene™ Technology - Key Steps