MemoGene™ Key Advantages

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  • MemoGene™ enables the production of tailor-made varieties with new traits, increasing the value of agricultural and horticultural products, while also allowing for the deletion of negative and unwanted characteristics. It is a highly efficient method for breeding new varieties at reduced cost and time, with predictable results.
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  • The MemoGene™ tool is precise and site-specific and therefore eliminates the undesirable by-products of traditional mutagenesis. It is a targeted genetic modification rather than a random effort that requires much trial and repetition for results. 

  • It is a new robust tool for the protection of Plant Breeders' Rights.

  • It is a highly innovative approach that bypasses current technological barriers. It is applicable in crops that are recalcitrant to current genetic engineering methods.

  • MemoGene™ is applied in planta, meaning that there is no need for tissue culture, as opposed to genetic engineering which requires extensive use of tissue culture.

  • The technology enables the modification of traits controlled by DNA and may be directed to the nucleus, chloroplasts or mitochondria. 

  • It allows the insertion and deletion of DNA fragments.

  • MemoGene™ allows simultaneous delivery of several genes and the delivery of those genes simultaneously to different cellular compartments.

  • It does not require transformation/transfection systems.

  • It allows direct genetic modification of gametes.

  • The platform can be applied to many important crops, and is not variety/species/genus-specific (see a few examples in the diagram below). It is a generic process which requires only small modifications for use in different plants, while genetic engineering usually involves very specific protocols for each crop or even variety.


 Proof  of Concept in Petunia