Partnership Strategies

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Our Partnership strategies include:
  •  Licensing
    - Selling licenses for the technology itself or 
    - Licenses for traits/genes

  • Joint Venture & Collaborative Research - Development of new varieties and traits.


  • Supplying Services
    - Gene validation – Transient suppression, Transient expression of viral genes in  various crops.
    - Gene validation – Stable transformation including
      generation of transgenic F1 seeds in the following crops:
      Tobacco, Tomato, Petunia, Arabidopsis and more...

    MemoGene™ technology is expected to be the catalyst for a sharp increase in the release of commercially important plant varieties to the market, as it helps the user both breed for specific desirable plant characteristics and delete or suppress undesirable ones.

    Danziger Innovations Ltd. invites you to contact us to discuss the different opportunities to be part of our ongoing research efforts and to enjoy the company's achievements to date.