Company Profile

הדפס מאמר
Danziger Innovations Ltd. is an Israeli biotechnology company engaged in the discovery and manufacture of new advanced breeding solutions to improve traits in crops for the world agricultural community's needs (including field, vegetable, woody and ornamental crops).
The company was founded in early 2008 and is working in close cooperation with Danziger "Dan" Flower Farm , a global leader in breeding and production of bedding plants and cut flowers for over 55 years.
Danziger Innovations is the fruit of many years of Danziger "Dan" Flower Farm's activities in the horticulture industry as a breeder and producer. As a breeder, Danziger recognizes the need to develop innovative methods for efficient breeding, as well as to develop advanced marketing methods that will enable tracking the novel varieties in the markets, thus protecting breeders’ rights.
Danziger Innovations is held by the owners of Danziger "Dan" Flower Farm.
Danziger Innovations'   MemoGene™ technology was developed in collaboration with Prof. Alexander Vainstein’s group at the Robert H. Smith Institute of Plant Sciences and Genetics in Agriculture of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment.
MemoGene™ is subject to commercial agreement between Danziger Innovations and Yissum , the technology transfer company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  
Danziger Innovations offers a sustainable genetic breeding platform for today's agricultural challenges and needs, including:

  • Better yield and quality of major food and energy crops
  • Resistance to environmental stress conditions
  • Protection from insects
  • Drought tolerance
  • Enriched harvest (example: bioethanol)
  • Prevention of aging (plant senescence)

Danziger Innovations’ mission is to become a leading company in the BioTech industry, by creating high-value, tailor-made plant varieties with novel desirable traits using innovative Israeli technology.