Joining Research Resources

9/5/2010 9:40:28 AM
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Scientific breakthrough is almost always the product of successful collaboration.
Danziger Innovations Ltd. is looking for joint ventures and collaborative research opportunities in academia and in commercial agricultural companies that hold the knowledge, experience and germplasm for different crops. Moreover, valuable genes and traits are being sought for the generation of new varieties via site-specific mutation (deletion) using MemoGene™ technology. 

In the next phase, we will also be interested in genes for genome insertion using the memoGene™  system.
The method, which makes use of highly efficient viral vectors for DNA delivery and targeted endonucleases for nuclear and plastid genome manipulations, offers breeding solutions for various market segments, among them: Bio- Agriculture, Chemistry, Tobacco, Woody Crops, companies and firms in the Biopharmaceutical Industry. 

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